P’08 Webbing Equipment and Canadian Great War Uniform Reproductions

Pipe band doublets wholesale and suppliers like Replicaters.com can custom make pipe band doublets, highland band doublets, piper drummer doublets, and jackets like original quality.

Whether it is Pipe band doublets, Scottish doublets, Sheriffmuir doublets, or double doublets, they use high-quality silk lining and best quality cotton on our customers’ requests.


Sometimes we have customers who like to experiment with the color combinations in braid trim colors. We make hand embroidered Highland Military Doublets jackets with silver trim or gold trim based on custom order.

In addition to the pipe band military jackets, Replicaters.com also make P’08 webbing or 1908 pattern web infantry military equipment holder. P’8 webbing consisted of a belt, haversack usually carried on the back, ammunition pockets attached to the belt to carry live rounds.

A 1908 webbing design was suggested in 1906, by Major Arnold R. Burrowes, to carry a new set of equipment as earlier webbing pattern equipment proved a failure and unsuitable for the battlefield.


1908 equipment was designed for the soldiers to carry with them battlefield equipment on the field such as haversack, ammunition pouches for live rounds, water bottle carrier, and Entrenching Tool Carrier.

Customers from around the world can order the leather webbing equipment in different waist sizes with brass fittings from WW2 British webbing manufacturers.

There are many webbing patterns such as 1914 patterns (‘14), 1958 patterns (‘58), 1937 (‘37) webbing patterns, and the latest ’95 pattern personal load carrying equipment (PLCE). British army webbing pattern was very popular as it equipped a soldier with necessary tools handy while on the battlefield.

Canadian Military wore different type of uniforms for different purposes ranging from Service dress jacket, the combat shirt, to battle dress blouse. Canadian military force unit participated in the World war was called Royal Canadian Regiment although by the end of 1916 Canadian army had four military units/divisions representing the Canadian forces.


As Canada participated in the Great War, genuine as well as reproductions of WW1 Canadian uniforms are on sale and they sell like hot cake. Whether it is ww1 Canadian infantry uniform, WW1 Canadian cavalry uniform, or even WW1 Canadian nurses uniform, all kind of replica uniforms are on sale.

WW1 Canadian soldiers wore uniforms, which were almost similar to 1902 pattern service dress of British World War 1 uniforms. Searching for World War 1 Canadian uniforms for sale will bring you lot of websites selling Canadian army, navy uniforms and helmet replicas. Among them Canadian 1903 pattern uniform which differed slightly from British army uniform.


Victorian military and Women’s Territorial army uniforms


WW1 Victorian military uniforms reproductions are an instant hit amongst the historians, artifact collectors and museums around the world. Companies like Replicaters.com who make reproduction of Victorian uniforms not only make authentic replicas of the original uniforms but they also use same fabric, same stitching patterns to give an exact replica look and feel.

Replicaters.com have reproduced lot of WW1 and WW2 Victorian military uniforms, Victorian police uniforms, and Victorian artillery uniforms in the past for international clients, theaters, and museums. Along with Victorian uniforms reproductions, they have also made replicas of military uniform accessories, insignias, army boots, cocked hats, coatees etc.

Why were uniforms important in ww1? Every participating country had their own military uniform identifying them from other allies. The purpose of the army uniform is to provide protections, camouflage, and convenience to the soldiers. Since lots of countries were fighting the Great War, to identify themselves and to execute army strategies different countries had different army uniforms.


AEF or American Expeditionary Force (or Forces) wore American army uniform and accessories during the World War I where American army fought against the Germans in 1917. WWI AEF army uniforms – M1912 and M1917 uniforms where issued to army during the First World War. There may have been various variations of the uniform however these were the prominent during the war.

Uniforms of the Doughboy, because of the brown colour of the uniform the soldiers were called doughboys, were brown wool button-down jacket and brown wool breeches. Doughboys were referred to the soldiers of the American expeditionary forces who fought World War I.

Against with Germans, in the World War I, British army was fighting along with Australians and Americans as part of the allies. The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATC), which was the women’s battalion of the British army during the Second World War, was formed as a voluntary service but later in 1949 it was merged with the women’s Royal Army Corps.

ATS uniforms or Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform, wore by the women’s during the WWII had many options to wear the uniform unlike the army which had a set military uniform to wear along with their accessories. ATS uniform was set of denim overalls in combination with boot ankles, gaiter belts, and shirt work etc.

A German WW2 Uniforms- A Typical world war 1 German, British Uniform

ww2 German uniforms

A German WW2 Uniforms even for regular soldiers normally had long jackets like good men’s dress normally has. We work to supply Helferin Uniforms, CWAC Uniforms, WAAF Uniforms, WAC uniforms and AEF uniforms , Uniforms for movies,  films & theatre, and museums. All our Uniforms, equipment, badges, leather articles, insignia, and patches are made from quality materials.

At best price available AEF uniforms& WAAF Uniforms

We reproduce WW2 German Uniforms, AEF Uniforms, equipment, Pershing Boot & insignia, and webbing.

WAC and CWAC World War II Uniforms

Replicaters.com make spectacular reproduction of  WAC Uniforms, Nurse Cap, Tunic, Skirt, Chocolate Ties based on custom measurements. Order by waist size, bust size, whichever is larger.

Our team is doing well job in designing best quality uniform for the women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) that later became the Women’s Army corps (WAC). There frivolous tan version uniforms are provided for summer uniform. We believe in delivering WAC and CWAC uniform that can be plenty progressed with a much broader variety of patches, badges and expenses and insignia that are virtuously going to be intolerable to beat.

Helferin Uniforms

We offer Helferin Uniforms for women’s military that comes with everything pictured. Shoes, jacket, prim shirt, cap, glitch pants, prim jacket, and shirt collars and prim tie. The fabric of uniform is good quality and available in all blue- grey colour. You can order of any uniform at reasonable price.

The reproduction of WW2 German Helferin Uniform set contains: –

  • Blue- grey wool side cap with yellow symbols and piping
  • Blue- grey wool jacket
  • Blue- grey wool shirt
  • Light blue dress shirt and black gabardine tie

And full set of the insignia’s contain the cap, sleeve insignia, cuff title, jacket & shirt size available from 36 to 49, shirt size available from 28 to 37 and cap size available from 55 (6 5/8) to 59 (7 3/8).

Find Out Ww1 Us Army Uniform Reproductions Become the Best


Since long time, the Company and product variety has grown-up speedily and in the present time we carry over 1000 product lines included ww1 British uniforms, ww1 German uniforms, ww2 British uniforms, ww1 Australian uniforms, ww1 Canadian uniforms and Ww1 US Army Uniform. According to the British official history specialist, the British Army are known for its top ww1 British uniform swhich stitched with good quality yarn. There are lots of reproductions house for US army dresses but find Out Ww1 Us Army Uniform Reproductions Become the Best. In this blog we will let you know about the greatest merchant to get best ww1 British Dresses and ww2 British Uniforms.

In addition to tailoring costumes for sale the merchant also provides a costume and Uniform hire service for theatre, film, TV as well as individual. You can design outstanding ww1 Australian uniforms and ww1 Canadian uniform sat reasonable cost. From our early stages as an online trading company we have since developed properties to store our vast array of ww1 and ww2 uniforms in addition to be a tailoring and seamstress shop,headquarters and armed store. If you would like to take appointment so you are most welcome, never the less please note we just operate and appointment only observing system so before fix a meeting with us you must contact us.

The provided dresses are having two breast pockets for private stuffs and the soldiers AB64 pay book that is the most significant for each British Army soldiers. Apart from the ww1 British costumes reproductions make the vicissitudes with double smaller pockets for another convenient and needed stuffs. We provide all dresses items like- Stiffened Peak Cap, Puttees, Scottish Variations, Class “A” Uniform, Class “B” uniform, Class “C” and Class “D”.

ww1 Australian Uniforms Reproductions

Australian militaries of the First World War wore a very hands-on and comfortable uniform. A tight-fitting jacket, long puttees, breeches were the recognized style for most militaries at the time. But Australia adopted a loose fitting working jacket. The Australian tunic, or facility dress was less a parade uniform than a hands-on working dress. We provide well designed ww1 Australian uniforms included- Hat, fur, felt (slouch hat with wool band), helmet, steel MK II, Service dress trousers, Early war service Jacket, Anklets, three button, rifle, Boots, toecap less, brown and Respirator MK V.

ww1 German uniforms is available at affordable price

Our services to provide ww1 German uniforms at affordable price. Now you can effortlessly order from online devoted resources like you do shopping for regular stuffs. There no need to put any extra efforts because in online you can find the best ww1 German uniform store where you can but it. The additional benefits of selecting accurate online desk is getting concerning accessories too. This may comprise helmets, guns and magazines same used in the war time. More good-looking reason of selecting online option to order German army uniform is to get accessibility of such dresses at very low price along with huge discount.


Popularity of World War I & II British army uniforms along with the reproductions

World War I & II British army

As per the British official historian, the British Army was the well-equipped as well as best organized British Army ever sent to war. Apart from that this is the best army who was wearing the camouflage uniform in the world War.  When British soldiers went to the war, they went in proper uniform. For sure, World War I & II British army uniforms were not seen by any of us and so, the reproductions of ww1 british army uniforms and ww2 british army uniforms came into existence. There are many reproductions houses for british army uniforms those can cater best british army uniforms. Before letting you know about that where you can get them, check the underneath section exploring basics about the british army uniforms.

Briefing about British WW1 and WW2 Uniforms

WW 1 British Army uniform: All the soldiers were wearing the smart tunic and trousers with the symbol of British Army. The material of the uniform was good because it is a thick woollen tunic in Khaki colour. This uniform stitched smartly so that soldiers can keep their stuff easily. In this uniform, there are two breast pockets for personal belongings and the soldiers AB64 pay book which is necessary for every British Army soldiers. Apart from the ww1 British army uniform reproductions make the changes with two smaller pockets for other useful and necessary items.

Stiffened Peak Cap: To enhance the look of these soldiers, a smart stiffened peak cap was designed. Every soldier needs to wear this cap with the uniform which represents the British Army in World War I &II. This cap was stitched with warm material to protect the soldiers form the cold. It is covered with a leather strap, brass buttons.

World War I & II British army 01

Puttees: It is mainly used to protect the ankles and calves. Soldiers need to wear these puttees on their ankles and calves with the help of two small buttons. Basically, it is a kind of bandage to cover the lower part of the leg from the ankle to the knee.

Scottish Variations: The uniform was designed in the Scottish highland pattern. In this design of the tunic and jackets are made for them look like traditional hilltop.

WW 2 British Army Uniforms: The British Army used a variety of standard and non-standard uniforms which often changed according to the War. There are many categories of the uniform which was used in the WW 2 UK army uniform replicas Like Class “A” Uniform, Class “B” uniform, Class “C” and Class “D”. In Class “A” uniform, soldiers need to wear insignia on the tunic.

Where It Can Be Bought

Complete WW 1 British Army Uniforms and WW 2 British Army Uniforms represent the most differentiate between the units and designation. To get the facility of ww2 British & ww1 British army uniform reproductions and availing the WW 2 UK army uniform replicas, there are many online stores. Selecting one and opting best british army dress replicas is so easy with them.

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World War Uniforms, Hussar Uniforms and Dragoons Uniforms

World War Uniforms, Hussar Uniforms and Dragoons Uniforms


How does it like to wear the uniforms of the German Army of World War one 1914-1918 and the WW1 Militaria or the memorabilia? The color of the imperial German army uniforms during the World War 1 were in field-grey. As Germans ruled over 27 territories they were one of the strongest army back then and thus everything related to the German army, be it ww1 German uniformsww1 German officers uniforms, and even ww1 reproduction uniforms of the German army are sought after the world over.  You can find World War I reproduction of German army uniforms along with military kits such as helmets, brass buttons, and military gear on sales on popular retail stores online.  A general search for ww1 reproduction uniform for sale will show links to websites and web-stores where you can buy piece of history albeit a reproduction.

As not everyone can have original German army uniforms, there are uniform reproduction companies such as Replicaters.com, who custom make reproductions of WW1 German army uniforms and military memorabilia which convincingly look as close to the originals. They take great pride in having clients such as re-enactment agencies, film theatres, film production houses who make great orders for ww1 & ww2 uniforms costumes, footwear, helmets and other military gears.

Besides Germans, French army had a bigger role in the World War 1. The spectacular uniform of the French Hussar unit was the highlights of the cavalry unit. The Hussar was a light cavalry unit of the Eastern and Central Europe having a distinctive horseman dress. Later many armies around the world adopted the Hussar uniforms for their ceremonial horse unit. The light cavalry hussar uniform  was usually adorned extensively with braiding, with gold or silver for officers to distinguish from other ranks, and had several rows of buttons. The horse artillerists uniform where again hussar style blue coat with red braids, red cuffs and brass buttons.

Similarly, the Dragoons, which were the mounted infantry, were similar to light cavalry unit who used horses for mobility but fought on foot during the war. The Dragoons were increasingly deployed as medium to light cavalry who fought wars with swords riding the horses. The Dragoon uniforms consisted of green coat with turn backs & lapels, the cuffs and its flaps and the piping edging. Some of the Dragoon units wore turn back with green grenades, pewter buttons, a white waistcoat, black long boots, and a brass helmet with a brass crest.

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Are you arranging an event where the theme is World War I or maybe World War II? Do you have any plan to dress like a soldier during those world wars? If yes, then you would need suitable uniforms and it is not easy to get them made within a short span of time. That is why you need to buy them online and there are some upgraded online retailers who can help you in this matter. These online stores are popular for their ww1 and ww2 German uniforms at the most affordable prices. They also sell the replica of Nazi uniforms. If you are wondering whether the quality will be the same as the ones that were used during the World War, then you are wrong. The ww1 German uniforms and other uniforms as mentioned above are made of the finest fabrics and you will not feel uncomfortable at all. In addition to uniforms, you will also get duplicate awards, decorations, and replica of artillery that exactly match the ones that were used originally during the World War.

A wide range of uniforms

One of the reasons why it is best to buy Nazi uniforms or ww1 German uniforms from online stores is because of the huge range of clothing that is available. You will not have to worry about selecting uniforms for the soldier or the uniform for the Captain or the one for the commander. Everything is available right there on the website and you can also choose the right size according to your preference. It is so much like buying day to day clothes. The finish and detailing on the uniforms are too good. Some of the websites also offer a total set of uniform that includes guns and magazines and helmets that were used during the war. Another reason why online stores have become the prime place to buy ww2 German uniforms is because of the price at which they are available. You will often find attractive discount offers on both single piece and bulk orders.

Package offers

If you are one of those who are looking to buy a complete collection of Nazi uniforms or world war uniforms, then it would be wise to buy the ones that come in a package. The popular online retailers that sell such uniforms provide package deals where you will get various types of uniforms along with other accessories that give a feeling of the then soldiers or Nazis. You can select the size and since you are getting a package deal the overall price of these uniforms comes down to a great extent. However, do not forget to check the types of uniforms that you are getting. If you can merge or combine the uniforms you want along with the package deal, you can save a lot.